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What we Do?

Disha for Students and Parents

Disha is a joint programme for parents and students so that both may understand each other's viewpoint which would result in increased performance of students.

Vection for College students

Vection is designed for college students to make them come out of their self created blueprints and see the broader picture. Students are guided to choose the right career.

Study techniques for School and College students

Students are taught proven study techniques to help improve their performance in studies. Student's progress is monitored constantly.

We offer solution to some of the common problems listed below:


  • Employer-employee
  • career-selection
  • communication-problems
  • depression
  • exam-tension
  • husband-wife
  • inter-personal-relations
  • lack-of-confidence
  • parent-child
  • study-concentration

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Workshop on Parenting

Behavioural and Study problems of children are a very common issue in this era. As parents, we often do not know how to deal with these problems. We feel we are doing our best, we are providing the best to the children. It is natural then to feel frustrated and disappointed when we still find that the child is constantly unable to perform well, has become arrogant and is developing bad habits. We start dealing with the child in our own ways to improve his performance and behaviour. But find things are becoming worse rather than improving.   Read More

Some of our Programmes

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